8 Things To Know Before Buying Motorcycle Helmets


The secret in knowing whether your motorcycle helmet is a perfect fit for you is by ensuring that it feels solid and snug but not makes you feel uncomfortable as you put it on. In the event that your helmet is loose, then it may come off or even twist around on your head if ever you get involved in a crash. On the other hand, a tight helmet is going to pinch your ears and will press against your forehead. It is going to cause headache and will cause distraction from your ride as well as surrounding traffic.

When trying on helmets, remember the following points before deciding to buy one.

Number 1. Motorcycle helmets that are a proper fit for you will require some sort of force to be put on. It might look tight as it slides over your head since the inside padding causes resistance.

Number 2. If the helmet easily slides over your head, it won’t be snug enough to stay positioned properly or prevent annoying wind noise that fills in the helmet.

Number 3. You’ll know that a helmet is a proper fit to your head when all its interior padding makes a solid contact with your head. Helmets will start to be uncomfortable for you and not provide adequate protection if it is just making contact on the top part of your head. Read LS2 helmets review here!

Number 4. When putting a full face helmet, it must hold your jaw and cheeks firmly. It must make a solid contact with the sides and top of your head. Many of the full face helmets are offering interchangeable and removable cheek pads. Different pad sizes create the best fitting helmet.

Number 5. Your helmet must surround and hug your head with an even pressure throughout. It must not create hot spots due to the uneven pressure points. It must not uncomfortably press against your forehead, cheeks or temples.

Number 6. The padding in the open face motorcycle helmet that’s comfortably snug compresses and remains firm as it is molding to your head.

Number 7. Helmet with padding that is creating a seal around your ears is going to block wind noise and at the same time, protect your hearing. It isn’t going to block important sounds like car horns or voices.

Number 8. Your motorcycle helmet must not move when you are shaking your head forcefully from side to side or up and down.


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